Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Free time ... I can sleep when I step through the gates

So, after writing about Sometime and Springtime my muse woke up *G*!

So now she wants to write about Free time, daytime, nighttime, lifetime and so on...

Tonight, we (she and I) are going to write about Free time! Something I don't have much of with a family, a budding business, and three or four volunteer positions.

What is Free Time?

As kids, the summers lasted forever, now it's two short months.

And those long breaks encompassing Christmas and Easter, they are only a week long or so.

Don't even get me started on weekends, because as soon as Friday evening arrives... Monday morning sneaks in and starts the week long trudge to Friday evening all-over-again.

If I had more Free Time, what would I do?

Write a story from start to finish... as I have started five different ones, all with characters are begging me to finally have a happy ending.

Fish... I love to go freshwater fishing with my family.

Garden... My grandfather had three large areas where he grew all sorts of veggies. I would love to share that with my children.

Nap... *LOL* Yes, nap lazily in the warm (ok, soon to be warm) sunlight.

Read... Can't write unless you read!

...this post was interrupted by my Motherhood Duties
over 10 days ago!

Another reason I don't have Free Time ...

What are your thoughts about Free Time?

Sunday, March 15, 2009


While trying to compose another poem about something
"Springtime" came to mind...

Why you ask?

It can't be due to Robins... for I've been seeing them since January here. It's almost like they only took a couple months off, instead of the usual four to six.

Perhaps it was the two dozen or so White Tail Deer which my family has seen in the last week... or the last five who ran in front of our truck today!

*Oh, dear...!*

Or the fundraiser we attended today... The MC wore a vibrant pink-orange-yellow flower number, that shouted to all, "Spring is here!" Not only was her appearance a hint, but her personality shone bright as the Springtime sun.

What signs of Spring have you seen in the world around us?

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Sometimes (insert your favorite mapping site) driving directions
are the fastest way to get somewhere...
not always the cheapest (toll roads)!

Sometimes your path in life is full of more potholes than you'd like...
so hop on that ATV (with a helmet, of course)!

Sometimes the hero has a long road to travel...
although he doesn't have to alone *G*!

Sometimes your muse takes a vacation...
but not always when you do!

Sometimes less is more...
however never, ever, EVER...
when it's CHOCOLATE!